Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are not only a major nuisance, but they are also quite destructive. These pests are most active at night-time and a homeowner may not know they’re present until the damage has been done. Often times, you’ll see these large black ants trailing up the siding on the outside or scattering around the kitchen and bathroom. Damage from a carpenter ant may appear similar to that of a termite. However, unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood. They instead excavate smooth, straw shaped chambers into wood that serve as nest sites. No sand or “mud tubes” are used. Each colony will have more than one nest site. And if that’s not bad enough, each house may have more than one colony! Damp wood, as one might imagine, is easier to carve into and is preferred. For this reason, areas of a home most susceptible to carpenter ant attack are along the sill plate in the basement, by the spigots on the exterior of the home and underneath the dishwasher, sinks, bathtubs or Jacuzzis as well as both sides of the garage door. Carpenter ant damage to wood can also make a house more susceptible to wood-rot. By destroying the wood, the framing and integrity of the house can be compromised. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants can still be active in the winter. However, their activity is limited to warm areas surrounding the nest like inside of your house. If we’re in the dead cold of winter and you’re still seeing carpenter ants inside, it’s time to call the exterminator.

If you’re seeing carpenter ants and you’re wondering when it’s time to call the professional, we usually use the following rule of thumb: 5+ ants inside per day for multiple days in a row means you could be experiencing the beginning stages of a Carpenter Ant infestation. Of course, everyone’s tolerance is different and an infestation can be present without the visible signs. We offer free inspections by licensed, trained technicians (not salespeople) to realistically evaluate the potential problem. Give us a call for a greater peace of mind.

The video below was taken as a result of a home improvement project. A contractor was removing siding and getting ready to start building a deck. After he removed a peice of siding he heard the buzzing, followed by a thick black mass of BLACK ANTS. Premier Pest Control was called in to exterminate them and the nest is history.