Commercial And Institutional Pest Control Services

Premier Pest Control is offers services to many types of commercial facilities, like food processing plants, organic production facilities, charter schools, public schools, warehouses and transportation facilities just to name a few. We have staff certified in food handling establishments and/or OSHA-10 if your business requires it.

We perform a wide variety of pest control services not only to prevent pests but also to eliminate current infestations in commercial, and institutional buildings. By using state of the art equipment that the other companies don’t carry, we can hit the peaks of your business and the far reaches of your property. We’ll work with you in coming up with a treatment strategy that works on your budget. Below are some ideas, let us know what you think!

Commercial & Institutional Pest Prevention System

Premier Pest Control has developed a customized, innovative approach to solve pest problems utilizing the latest techniques and IPM principles. All pesticides used will be EPA registered and applied in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Licensed technicians will adhere to product label instructions. Copies of labels and Material Safety Data Sheets will be made available upon request. Our programs incorporate the use of exterior perimeter barrier treatments as the backbone of the process. Our Commercial Maintenance System features.


Some commercial facilities, like restaurants, food plants and industrial buildings have a special sensitivity level when it comes to pests. For these businesses we recommend monthly or weekly services. Read More...Should you go with one of these programs, we’ll let you pick the pests you’re most concerned about and we’ll target them. And don’t worry, we’ll stand behind our work.

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Outside applications reduce the chance of ever having to use pesticides INSIDE.

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4 applications per year.1 interior (basement/crawl space) and 3 exterior treatments to foundation area and key entry points for the guaranteed prevention of the following pests: earwigs, boxelder bugs,Read More... centipedes, millipedes, sow bugs, crickets, ground beetles, and spiders.

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IPM stresses inspections, identification, and maintenance vacuuming instead of a heavy reliance on pesticides. Our innovative technical expertise is second to none. Read More... We use
advanced generation materials when necessary, which enables us to use up to five times less pesticide, yet provide better protection versus conventional methods.

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Because the hallmark of a true professional is courtesy, we believe you will notice the difference it makes to hire a professional Read More... who truly appreciates the opportunity to service your property. Each one of our expert technicians is state licensed and certified. They receive continual training in the latest products and techniques.

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The Commercial program is designed for flexibility. You select the coverage you want. We allow you to choose what best suits your needs! We only want customers who truly want us and see the value in Read More... having preventative maintenance on their property. That is why this service can be stopped at any time. We provide a wide variety of services, including hotels, motels, restaurants, warehouses, grocery stores, manufacturing and storage facilities, nursing homes, schools and institutions. We’re available at your convenience.

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