Consumer Information Bulletins

Consumer Information Bulletins are documents provided by the state of Massachusetts. In a question & answer format, each document address various concerns the consumer may have regarding pesticide treatments. The owner of each house, manager of each building and tenant in each unit to be treated is required to receive one prior to any service. Use the links below to obtain a copy or one will be provided to you upon appointment. As applicants of pesticide, our number one priority is the health of you and your family. We practice Integrated Pest Management, the practice of emphasizing prevention over treatment and implementing more environmentally friendly approaches where applicable. However, when pesticides must be used we choose the most effective and least toxic for each situation. Please let the technician know of any objections to treatment prior to service (health related, pet related, cautionary, etc…) and we will do our best to work around it. Copies of MSDS and Labels are available upon request and at all times using the link to the right.

For Indoor Applications

To be received prior to all indoor pesticide applications, including in apartments, homes, condo’s, businesses, etc…

For Termite Applications

To be received prior to all termite applications.

Building Managers & Landlords

To be received by the building manager prior to any service. This includes landlords of apartment complexes and property managers of commercial buildings.

For Schools & Daycares

To be received by each parent of a school age child prior to any pesticide application at a school or daycare.

For additional information, please let us assist you: call our offices or email us at any time. You may also visit the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources website for additional literature.