Green Eco-conscious Pest Control

Services for the Environmentally Conscious

Premier Pest Control now offers a variety of “green” products to combat your pest problems. In the past, pest control experts and homeowners alike experienced a problem finding truly effective green products. In theory, using peppermint extract (for example) seemed like a safe alternative for ant control, but the expense and effectiveness made it impractical. Thankfully, the push towards greener technologies is helping to propel pest management professionals in a new direction. With science behind us, new extracts and formulations have proven successful. We’ve recently begun changing our service programs by offering “green” alternatives to all of our service programs. It turns out peppermint extract, as mentioned above, works synergistically with other natural ingredients. Octoborate Tetrahydrate and boric acid work phenomenally on cockroaches, termites and ants – and it’s a naturally occurring mineral! The bark of juniper trees has an ingredient that kills and repels termites nearly as good as the leading termiticide! Natural oils are some of the fastest knockouts for wasps. Pyrethrum (an extract of the chrysanthemum plant) was hailed as a miracle pesticide, but that excitement was short lived due to the expense and importation from India and the short-lived nature of the bug-killing chemicals in it. These green chemicals have been around for years but science has finally found a way to make them effective and cost efficient. These old chemicals are only available in these new formulations to pest management professionals. With our knowledge of bug life cycles, habitats, modes-of-action and all of the weapons at our disposal – we’ll help protect you, your family, your pets and your house from the unwanted guests.