Mosquitoes & Ticks

Mosquitoes and Ticks are more than just nuisance pests, they can decrease our quality of life. They spread disease and they do it in the most annoying way. Premier Pest Control offers services to help suppress mosquito and tick populations, and we’d love to help you!


Mosquitoes make the outdoors unbearable for us. Here in New England we spend all winter longing for warm, sunny weather. We dream of camp-outs, cook-outs, hikes and outdoor parties. Yet, when the heat of the summer hits and we move our interests outside, these events rarely live up to our expectations.Read More...The onslaught of mosquitoes and gnats is always there to ruin the day. The never ending battle of swatting, smacking and itching always wins out and we retreat indoors. The fear of mosquito-borne diseases always looms over us like a black cloud. Let’s not lose that battle. New technology is available to combat mosquitoes. We can help you claim back your yard. By targeting areas where mosquitoes rest during the day we can help suppress the local population. Stop wasting your money on scented candles and electric zappers and start making a difference. There is no Mosquito Control District in Western Mass so if you think the government is going to help you’re going to be let down.


Ticks are on the rise in western Massachusetts. Lyme disease cases are skyrocketing. Treatments can be expensive, uncomfortable and hard to diagnose. Lyme disease isn’t the only disease these little pests can spread. A newly discovered disease even creates an allergy to meat.Ticks aren’t just a problem when hiking through grassland anymore Read More...they crawling into our yards. They’re sucking blood from squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and then they’re turning to you and your pets. Chances are you’ve pulled a few off your dog – even if it stayed on a leash. Let us help you suppress the tick population and reclaim your yard. We’ll create a barrier to help prevent ticks from crawling in. By keeping your grass cut short in addition to our treatments you’ll help prevent ticks from moving in.

Think humans are the only ones suffering from mosquitoes and ticks? At least we have an indoor retreat. Dogs, cats, horses, etc… have nowhere to hide. The costs of tick and flea treatments is increasing and cases of resistance to those medications is increasing. Disease isn’t just a human malady, we all suffer.

If your concerned about putting dangerous pesticides in the environment, don’t be. We use all natural products that are proven effective. We treat our own yards and we have children and pets too. Call us now, we’ll meet with you, make recommendations and give you a free estimate.