Pest Prevention

Besides keeping up with your quarterly pest maintenance & prevention applications, here are some tips that will help assure your family a pest-free environment:

  • Keep all shrubbery that is close to the property well trimmed. Maintain a 3 ft strip of weed free space around the foundation.
  • Store all firewood away from the buildings and off the ground and check it carefully before bringing it inside.
  • Seal cracks and crevices as well as vents; keep doors shut when not in use; screen windows and use door sweep strips to keep pests out.
  • Keep outside lights off whenever possible so as to not attract pests – especially near doors and windows.
  • Water your lawns/plants in the morning rather than evening when most pests are actively seeking moisture.
  • Address any moisture conditions in the home as soon as possible. Leaky roofs, leaky pipes, water in the basement – these can lead to expensive repairs and pest problems in the future.
  • Make sure gutters, flashing and down spouts aren’t leaking and are free of debris and that they drain at least 3-5 ft away from the foundation.
  • We recommend not using wood chips close to home. These attract a host of moisture & wood loving insects like termites and earwigs and the pests that feed on them, like Carpenter Ants. If possible, install crush stone beds instead of the mulch beds.
  • Seal the driveway and cracks in the walkways as well as rotted holes in trees.
  • Keep garbage and food in tightly sealed containers at all times (this includes pet food!).
  • Do not keep debris piles such as leaves or sticks near the building.
  • Do not feed the birds (rodents love bird seed too).
  • Dump out any standing water that may accumulate on items in the yard (in old tires, swings & slides, debris, etc…
  • Consider the use of Mosquito Larvicides (like “MosquitoDunks”) for use in fish ponds.
  • Bring out the trash and empty the litter boxes regularly (daily in the summer), store garbage and animal poop in airtight garbage containers to prevent fly development.
  • Follow any suggestions made to you by our technicians. They have been trained to spot the conditions that are favorable to a pest invasion and they are there to help you keep your property pest free